Hello! It’s August, and it’s time for another DiamondStar Reading, LLC Newsletter. The year seem to be flying by! It’s been said we learn by our mistakes and I’m no different. No matter how some people try to get you to rush getting your manuscript turned into a book, you still have to do it on your time schedule. The result will be much better! I’m still working on my current manuscript project. When I feel the time is right, I will allow the publisher to turn this manuscript into a book.  

     In the meantime, the DiamondStar Reading Book Club is off and running. If you want to join, search for the club on Facebook under the DiamondStar Reading, LLC page. If you don’t have Facebook, click on the Goodreads.com link on the “Book Club” page on this website. If you never been in a book club, the DiamondStar Reading Book Club could be right for you.

    I started the DiamondStar Reading LLC Group on Facebook. I formed the group for those who enjoy reading and writing but does not want to be in a book club. If you have an opinion about a book or about writing and want to share with everyone, the DiamondStar Reading LLC Group may be right for you. Bloggers are welcome to join and post! Please remember, as with all groups, certain rules apply!


August 2, 2019

DiamondStar Reading, LLC Newsletter

DiamondStar Reading, LLC