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6-How much of the plunder did Abraham give Melchisedec?

7-Did Melchisedec race his decent from Levi?

8-About what year did Melchisedec die?

9-Who is Melchisedec made like?

10-Who declared ‘You are a priest forever in the order of Melchisedec’ and who was he talking to? 

Hebrews Chapter 7 Study Questions

15-Why does Jesus have a permanent priesthood?

16-Being the High Priest, does Jesus need to offer sacrifices day after day first for his own sins and then for the sins of the people?

17-What was a problem when the law appointed men as High Priest?

11-What oath did the Lord say?

12- How was the Levitical Priesthood established?

13- Why was there still another Priest to come?

14-What prevented the many other priests from continuing in office?

Antioch Christian Church Disciples of Christ Bible Study Weekly Class Questions.

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​​1-Who was Melchisedec?

2-Who did Melchisedec bless returning from the defeat of the kings?

3-Who were the parents of Melchisedec?

4-What does the name Melchisedec name mean?

5-What does the name King of Salem mean?