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Antioch Christian Church Disciples of Christ Bible Study Weekly Class Questions.

6-What did the writer say about land that produces thorns and thistles?

7-What did the writer of Hebrews say about God when you help His people and continue to help them?

8-Why did the Writer want us to show this same diligence to the very end?

9-Why did the Writer ask us to imitate those who had faith and patience?

10-Who did God swear by when he made his promise to Abraham and why? 

Hebrews Chapter 6 Study Questions

11-What did the Writer say Abraham had to do before he received what was promised?

12-What are the two unchangeable things the writer says God cannot do?

13-What is the meaning of the word “Oath”?

14-Jesus became the High Priest forever in the order of who? 

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​​1-We should move beyond the elementary teachings about Christ and be taken forward to what?

2-What are the 6 topics talked about in “Leaving the Elementary Teachings”?

3-Is it possible for those who have fallen away to be brought back to repentance?
4-What did the writer of Hebrews say these people were doing to Christ by falling away?
5-What did the writer say about the land drinking rain that often falls on it and produces a crop useful to those who farms it?