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11-What household was the first converts in Achaia?
12-Who were the men Apostle Paul said refreshed his spirit and the Corinthians spirits?
13-How did Apostle Paul say the Corinthians should greet one another?
14-What did Apostle Paul say about anyone who did not love the lord? 

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Antioch Christian Church Disciples of Christ Bible Study Weekly Class Questions.

​​1st Corinthians Chapter 16 Study Questions

6-Why did Apostle Paul say he didn’t want to visit the Corinthians at his present time?
7-Where did Apostle Paul say he would stay until Pentecost?
8-Who did Apostle Paul say was coming to visit the Corinthians and they should see that this person has nothing to fear?
9-Who was the other brother Apostle Paul spoke about?
10-Apostle Paul asked the Corinthians to do everything in what? 

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​1-What was the name of the churches Apostol Paul advised the Corinthians to do as?
2-What was it did Apostle Paul ask the Corinthians to do on the first day of the week?
3-Why did Apostle Paul ask the Corinthians to do this (the answer to question #2)?
4-What did Apostle Paul say he would do when he arrived?
5-Where did Apostle Paul say he would be going before he visited the Corinthians?