6-What kinds of gifts of the spirit did Apostle Paul say we should be eager for?

7-According to Apostle Paul, is your mind fruitful when you pray in tongues?

8-Apostle Paul said he would rather do this instead of speaking ten thousand words in a tongue:

9-Tongues are a sign for who?

10-Prophecy is a sign for who? 

Antioch Christian Church Disciples of Christ Bible Study Weekly Class Questions.

​1-What did Apostle Paul say we should follow?

2-What did Apostle Paul say we should eagerly desire?

3-Who does people speak to when they speak in tongues?

4-The one who prophesies edifies who?

5-When is the one who speaks in tongues greater than the one who prophesies? 

​​1st Corinthians Chapter 14 Study Questions

11-If there is no interpreter, what should the person speaking in tongues do?

12-God is not a God of disorder, but a God of?

13-In this chapter, Apostle Paul said women should remain what in church?

14-Who did Apostle Paul say the woman should ask if they are to inquire about something?

15-Did Apostle Paul say we should forbid speaking in tongues? 

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